Thursday, September 2, 2010

h.264 and VC-1 playback under winxp 32bit


h.264 is easy, so first:

*.m2ts with h.264 should be supported right out of the box if the correct filters are installed.

avisynth can be used:



Playback of *.avc elementary stream, if you wish to overview it, powerDVD and total media theatre can play it directly.
But if you want to combine with audio, then dgavcdec is needed
serve the *.avc file in dgavcdec, you’ll get *.dga index file.
Again, avisynth can be used to read the *.dga file


Play the *.avs with MPC, the audio should be automatically attached if the naming convention is correct.


VC-1 is somewhat troublesome:

First, the system has to be able to playback *.vc1 elementary stream.
Download the above dll file, put it under "x:\windows\system32\" folder.
Win+R,run "regsvr32 vc1esparser.dll" to register.
Now your system should be able to play *.vc1 file directly.

(This method only works under 32bit system)

avisynth can be used if you want to encode:
The file here should be the muxed m2ts, the raw *.vc1 file is NOT supported.

Some useful articles:

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