Thursday, September 2, 2010

機動戦艦ナデシコ Martian Successor Nadesico Blu-ray BOX cover update



This one is somehow coming, never expected so fast though since the last HD remastered version came out only 4 years ago... I’m pretty excited (more excited than Chinese New Year which coincides with Valentine’s Day this year), and looking forward to it and expecting to get a proper release this time.

In terms of specification, this one will have 1080p (in 4:3 aspect ratio) and LPCM 5.1 audio (no original stereo mix as the previous release), and there will be 7 episodes per BD50 disc. So for the TV series it’s gonna have only 4 discs. This is very similar as Cardcaptor Sakura Blu-ray spec, so hopefully the improvement on the new telecine remaster image could look better than the DVD version, especially on the aliasing issue; I can take some grain though, since it’s shot on 16mm film, it’s never gonna look the same level as Cardcaptor Sakura…

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