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くわしま ほうこ 桑島 法子
本名 同じ
愛称 ほーちゃん
出生地 日本の旗 日本 岩手県胆沢郡金ケ崎町
血液型 A型
生年月日 1975年12月12日
現年齢 34歳
所属 青二プロダクション
活動時期 1995年 -
デビュー作 女生徒(『美少女戦士セーラームーンSS』)
桑島 法子(くわしま ほうこ、1975年12月12日 - )は日本女性声優岩手県胆沢郡金ケ崎町出身。所属事務所青二プロダクション。身長158cm。血液型A型星座いて座
Houko Kuwashima (桑島 法子 Kuwashima Hōko) is a seiyū and singer born December 12, 1975 in Kanegasaki, Isawa, Iwate Prefecture, Japan. She is capable of playing a variety of roles, ranging from young boys to feminine women. Kuwashima is currently affiliated with Aoni Production. Her given name, Houko (法子), is sometimes misread as Noriko, even in Japan. She gives off a very Japanese formal and serious feeling when with others.
Official Website (obsolete?)
Houko Kuwashima Wikipedia (JP)
Houko Kuwashima Music Discography@Victor Entertainment
Full coverage on activities (法庫reads same as法子, pun intended)
Houko Kuwashima complete song list (update frequently)
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Character Performance Tier:

Houko Kuwashima is certainly a very prolific seiyuu. Here is a small list of the characters she played from mostly big name shows. I have categorized them based on my personal preference via rankings.

Ranking Show Character Comment
1 無限のリヴァイアス
Infinite Ryvius
housen aoi1
Aoi Housen

housen aoi2
She portraits Aoi perfectly. Aoi appears to be a very strong girl, but inside she feels fear and insecure. Her voice is very natural in this role which makes you believe the character IS 15.

Character song:
(True Smile)

Martian Successor Nadesico

Misumaru Yurika
Yurika Misumaru
Her first major role. Pretty iconic as THE female captain of a space battleship.

(Be Yourself)
3 ブルージェンダー
Blue Gender
Marlene Angel
Appears to be super cold or cool at first, but later on she opens up. Her voices show a huge emotional change.

(Set Free)


(Love Taught Me)
This song appears to be never included in any of her albums, it’s only available from the Blue Gender single…

4 機動戦士ガンダムSEED
Gundam Seed
Flay Allster
The character who witnessed her father’s death. Later she uses her relationship with Kira to keep her safe. Unfortunately her role gets shafted after the 2nd season.
Probably the best show to demonstrate her wide voice range after Blue Gender. She has no problem whether the role is little innocent girl, to cold blood soldier.

Character Song:
6 ラーゼフォン
quon kisaragi1
Quon Kisaragi

quon kisaragi2
Very mysterious girl. Always mumbling stuff that doesn’t make sense.

Character Song:
la,la maladie du sommeil


Although Houko Kuwashima can't really be considered as a professional singer, despite she was labeled as "Idol Seiyuu" in her earlier career. She certainly has sung many many songs, the complete song list above actually shows she has recorded over 160 songs to-date! She has released a few compilation albums in the past. Also she hosts her own radio shows "CLUB db" years ago. Here is a section that's dedicated to provide some of her songs and radio recordings.


TV/DVD Interview Screenshots:

Nadesico 06 HD Remaster/10 BD (1996) Disc 10 [Video shot in 1999]

Nadesico 06 HD Remaster/10 BD (1996) Disc 10


Nadesico 06 HD Remaster/10 BD (1996) Disc 10


Infinite Ryvius (2000) Light Fan Disc 1/2006 Sound Renew Disc 8

ちょっとうごくにょっき (2001)


ZOE: 2167 IDOLO/Z.O.E. Dolores,i (2001)


Noir (2001)

Saiunkoku Season 1 (2006) Disc 1



Saiunkoku Season 1 (2006) Disc 8


Dennou Coil (2007) Disc 1

Dennou Coil (2007) Disc 2



Dennou Coil (2007) Disc 7


Dennou Coil (2007) Disc 9


Xam'd US PSN exclusive (2008)

Hakuouki (2010)


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