Sunday, January 16, 2011

Dec 2010 BD Purchase – impulse buy


hell boy2 le     coraline 2d le

Not much going on in December, didn’t plan to buy any BDs anyway since I got plenty stuff to watch… But the two limited editions from bestbuy is hard to resist… I got these 2 for cheap due to their price error. Hellboy II, I got hellboy I, watched it, didn’t really get into it, I hope II be at least watchable. Coraline seems quite similar in style with Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride from the Free 5 disc offer back in the days. Coraline has at least four releases now, one regular BD, one LE, one anaglyph 3D, and now a true 3D is the most recent one, the one I got here is the LE gift set version with both the 2D and anaglyph 3D


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