Thursday, January 20, 2011

PS3 firmware 3.21->3.42->3.55 Sony desperately trying to prevent cracking the system, but only proved to be futile



I lumped these 3 firmwares into one since they pretty much are just security patches.

Firmware 3.21 was introduced on April fool’s day 2010. It was THE infamous patch that REMOVES the install otherOS feature. This also pretty much started the long battle with preventing the system from being cracked. But it only catalyzes the progress IMO since four month after, we’re greeted by some Australian vendor selling USB jailbreak device. There the firmware 3.42 was released for solely defeating this device. Not too long ago, PS3 downgrader was introduced which can be used to downgrade current firmware to lower versions to allow jailbreaking the system. And for defeating this, Sony released firmware 3.55. But shortly after Geohot the original hacker who is pretty much responsible of the removing of install otherOS feature came back with releasing PS3’s master key, which marks the day that PS3 system is totally cracked.

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