Wednesday, November 7, 2007

AVSforum temporaliry closes new posts in HD area / PS3 fw 2.0 out


Due to recent continuing arguments between HD-DVD fans and Blu-ray fans, mods deleting posts on the avsforum, then members dissatisfied with deleting posts, avsforum has decided to temporaliry diable any new posts in the HD area.

Details HERE

Now I don't have anywhere to read the HD news, experience about the new players, and Hi-def discs...

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Another piece of news is that SONY has released PS3 firmware 2.0 tonight. My suitemate has it on his machine already. I was there checking out the new updates couple minutes ago, but only found out that this update doesn't improve upon what I need. Most important, there's NO new settings under BD/DVD settings, which might indicate there's no BD-J 1.1 compliance on this update?? (This one I need to research more, but since avsforum doesn't allow any new posts under HD area, I need to find another reliable source to confirm...) Besides that there's playlist for both music and photo now, but NO for video, wtf?? The new information board is very annoying, the pop-up news only takes a fraction of the screen, the words are just all jammed into such a small space, which causes too much eye strain even read them shortly. The added WOL (wake on line) from PSP has no influence on me since I don't have a PSP, and don't need one. The new customed XMB just changed the colors on the icon, nothing fancy, still lose the dam(n) motion wave if you use the customed picture... I don't know if they have fixed the recorded OTA mpeg error I mentioned in the DLNA network review post way back (can't wait till Friday rushing home to check this one out).

For demonstration on the fw 2.0, click HERE

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