Friday, March 26, 2010

Thoughts on PS3 firmware 3.00-3.15


ps3 fw 3.00-3.15

Ehh, this is a long due post… Thought I’ve been catching every single firmware updates ever since I got this machine, so it’s good to keep the tradition going. But this is gonna be short since I really don’t feel there’s much change in terms of video playback in these updates: 3.00->3.01->3.10->3.15…

I’ve already forgot the main features since 3.00, but I’ll try my best here:

1. Dynamic background
2. Playstation store access shortcuts from the video and game icon
3. Multiple audio/subtitles in PSN store (never seen it implemented on any of the video…)
4. Disable fake DS3
5. Simultaneous audio output (the only useful function…)
6. upconversion on audio files to higher bit depth if AVR supports, but disables doing other tasks
7. Annoying status bar on the top right hand corner that you can’t disable

That’s pretty much it.

3.01 is a small patch to fix some broken game titles.

3.10 adds facebook support.

3.15 adds the ability of transfer files from old PS3 to new PS3 across the network.

I think that’s pretty all the stuff I remembered… Not too much is going on really…