Sunday, November 11, 2007

avsforum HD media area reopens with new rules / PS3 fw 2.0 impression


So after closing new posts for like a day or so, the avsforum has allowed new posts in the HD media area, but with more strict post rules this time, for more details, click HERE.

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     So I was back to home yesterday, downloaded the PS3 firmware 2.0. And have played PS3 since last night, played spiderman 2 BD, played ratchet and clank demo (again...maybe the 20th time I played it?), played motorstorm demo and of course digged thru changes on fw 2.0. On my last post, I wrote how disappointing this upgrade is, now after playing on my equipment a bit more, I'm still NOT satisfied, but there are couple interesting upgrades that certainly I liked in this firmware version. The biggest update occurs in the DLNA network media section, PS3 has finally allowed to output bitstream DD5.1 in the XMB. My receiver detects DD5.1 now, so no more downmix, certainly a good job SONY have done Smile. Now I can enjoy my recorded HDTV files in its original format if I want to play on PS3. But another issue, the wrong frame playback still exists, and it becomes even worse... I'm using Tversity as the media server program, streaming to PS3, those shows I recorded from CBS showed only about 10 seconds and then PS3 became none response at all. The worst case I have to power cycle the PS3!! First I thought it was the Tversity thing, but after I switched back the wmp, it's still the same, but instead of non response, PS3 actually showed a pause sign in the left bottom corner after 10s... So this update is good for other stations but definitely NOT for CBS Disappointed. The other big update among the media hub feature is the ability to output SACD thru optical connection via transcoding to DTS! Since I don't have a SACD, I can't confirm this on my equipment, but many users have reported successful playback, read more HERE. So these two are the major discover on the 2.0 firmware.

     Other stuff are just for gamers which I'm NOT really interested. SONY has updated their webpage, click HERE. The big update including the theme, you can download three new themes from the PSN store, none of the 3 I liked, you lost the motion wave. And HERE is the instruction how you can make a completed (icon etc...) custom theme, I'm NOT in unless someone figures how to do a motion background. If you use the original theme, you can change the background color and brightness now, it's no longer have to change according to the month, but I found it's useless. Another thing is the font, you can choose from Original,Rounded, Pop, there's very subtle changes even on the hi-def set, I prefer Rounded (maybe it's because of the Chinese calligraphy I practised since very young, I always prefer rounded style Smile). On the new RSS dashboard thing, it actually is readable on my LCD monitor, but terribly on the traditional non hi-def CRT as I seen on my suitemate's set... But still the horizontal scrolling thing bothers me a lot, reminds me of those cash registers in Chinese hospitals which there's never a line, you wanna check out fast you gotta be a football player Baring teeth... I just turn it off.

     So this is pretty much my discovery...


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