Sunday, June 12, 2011

June 2011 Blu-ray Purchase - Back to the future with Delorean bundle and its case


I got this from Amazon for $24.99. Not too shabby, although there’s better price as of this writing. The one I got is with the hotwheel Delorean 2011 model.
I guess the package is what the so-called older ones with shorter size? The discs come with digi-pak. The disc holders is yet another new creative type. It took me 10 minutes to figure out the correct way to handle these…

The disc holder has 3 fixed spots to hold the disc, there’s no traditional center button to push, instead you get two clip thing at the bottom. You need to use your index finger to hold the center of the disc, then push the disc against these two clips and lift the disc up. It’s another bad packaging, I never like digi-pak in the first place anyway. But it’s better than Fox’s Planet of the Apes 40th anniversary packaging (This one is from Universal). I haven’t decided if I should transfer these 6 discs to the 6-disc empty case I bought earlier. Digital copies are pretty much useless to me. If I ever need a copy, I would rather rip the disc and encode myself.

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