Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Rebuilding database to solve PS3 Error 8003041C


This is a solution copied from avforum (NOT to be confused with avsforum) to solve PS3’s 8003041C error when bulk copying mp3 files to internal HDD. It DOES NOT require reformating your HDD, you only lose folder names and audio playlists, all data are retained!

Follow these steps and all your problems (including left-over ghost files) will be solved. NONE OF YOUR FILES WILL BE DELETED, DON'T WORRY. YOU DO NOT NEED TO REFORMAT!

1. Turn off your PS3
2. Press and hold the power button to turn it on. Keep holding it. It will beep once after a moment, then beep again a moment later and turn itself off.
3. Do this again. It'll beep once after a moment, but unlike before, a moment later it will beep twice quickly.
4. As soon as you hear the double beep, let up. The PS3 will ask you to connect a controller via a USB cable and press the PS button. Do so.
5. You'll be at the PS3 restore menu. First thing you need to do is hit option 3, Restore File System.
6. After selecting this, the GameOS will restart and give you a message saying something along the lines of your file system is corrupted and needs to be restored. Let it do so, and wait till you're back at the XMB. The file system corruption will be cleared up and you can now copy music and videos without getting ghost files. However, existing ghost files will still be there, so you'll need to continue the next step.
7. Start over at step 1, and follow it to step 5.
8. You're at the PS3 restore menu again. This time you hit option 4, Rebuild Database.
9. After selecting this, the GameOS will restart once again as it did with the file system restoration, except this time it will rebuild the hard drive's entire database. Wait for it to finish.
10. Done! Ghost files will either be gone if they were connected to a file that no longer existed, or they will now be accessible if there was a file that still did exist. The only problem you'll have is rebuilding the database will delete all of your messages, playlists (just the playlists, not the files themselves), and so on. You'll need to re-add all of your tags to your files under Information again for sorting, but that's it.