Thursday, September 2, 2010

Blu-ray - The Ultimate Bourne Collection UK import

Ironically, it’s the recent volcano eruption in Iceland just remind me to look into getting it… I’ve been quite hesitantly getting stuff from UK mainly due to their stupid packaging with big rating signs everywhere, which totally destroys the aesthetic of the art works. But weighing from the cons, the attractive price, the inclusion of so many languages and subtitles (especially Chinese subtitles), the over-priced US release and the stupid flipper re-release just push me over to this one. It cost me a little less than $29 to get all three movies, which isn’t that bad.


Yes, all the features work including special features and BD-Live access despite these are from UK – the PAL land, but the special features are all in SD, Universal just imported these from the DVD with quite shitty quality. Universal UK also uses forced subtitles instead of directly overlaying English for locations in the movie. The forced subtitles are indeed quite ugly just like the forums I checked before I made the purchase decision. Out of so many fancy functions in U-Control, they just couldn’t spend a little effort into making the subtitles a little better, what a shame on them! The cases are the wide ones just like all the Japanese releases, which I can care less. The box is flimsy, but serves the purpose. The biggest problem is again the age ratings with such standing out colors are everywhere on the covers and disc art. I just can hardly get over with it. For this reason alone, I’m pretty sure I’m not gonna be bothered to import anything from UK (or Australia) any more!

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