Thursday, September 2, 2010

My Useful Software Collections


This post is created for collecting some useful software, free or commercial. Hopefully I’ll update it regularly…


Deskpins V1.30


Use: pins your windows, the pinned windows will always on top of the others, useful for copying contents from web browser to notepad/word and other situations. Ctrl+F11 for pins, Ctrl+F12 for removing pins.




Use: Cleans all kinds of data, cleans registry.



Use: unlock file/device locked by windows processes. If you can not delete a file or can not remove an external hard drive, try this.


Process Lasso

Use: improves system responsiveness. Sets CPU affinity permanently. I recently came across a software that is too old which doesn’t run well with two cores. So I can disable one core using xp’s process manager, but the setting is not retained. So here is the software that does it by tracking processes’ name. The CPU load and balance technology is also quite useful for improving system responsiveness in my experience.

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