Thursday, September 2, 2010

Star Wars Captain Rex Helmet (Voice Changer)

So I bought this pretty much on impulse. This price is not the tagged $49.99 thankfully. And there’s a Hasbro figurine giveaway rebate which I hopefully can receive three star wars figurine.


I think I’m gonna just give it away. So all I can comment is based on the packaging itself and what I see and feel about the build quality since package is half open. This helmet is quite large. It operates on batteries to provide some basic electronic voice and voice changer. The batteries are pre-installed, so I think I’d better give it away fast before the battery runs out. The helmet is pretty much made of all plastic, which definitely is “toy” quality compared to real bike/bicycle helmets. I’m not sure how it’s gonna feel once you wear it, but from Amazon’s review, some people are saying that it’s quite heavy and thus not good for young kids…

So I got the three free figurines. They are SL01, SL10, and SL16 for this figurine line. The R2-D2 one has some interesting electronic lights and sounds when you push a button. I don’t know what those big white boxes are since I don’t intend to open these…

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