Friday, September 3, 2010

Transformers 25th Anniversary Season One DVD-BOX


So these are the new DVDs from Shout! Factory. The older Rhino DVDs have been out of print and hard to find in US market for a long time. The videos on these new discs are from a TV broadcast print, thus have the corrected videos (correct color, less animation error, etc), and a newly mixed stereo track which is faithful to the original version. The price for this Boxset, which contains the first season (first sixteen episodes) is also a lot lower (currently $19.99 on Amazon) than the original DVDs.

 Disc 1:

5a34c87d.png picture by linkai8424 

The autobots highlights are really cool on these discs.

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So they crammed in 8 episodes on one disc. The first disc’s size is 7.60GB. Some commercials aside, the actual size for each episode is around 920MB, so about 5Mbps for video, and 192Kbps for the stereo mix. The DD 5.1 from the Rhino discs is removed due to too much complaints I guess.


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This is a feature to play episodes back to back without the opening and ending.


Now some real image captures:

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The image quality is largely decent, film grain is retained, colors are solid. This is pretty much the limit if they don’t HD remaster these film prints.


Disc 2:

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I thought they would provide the deceptcons highlights on disc 2, but we get the same highlights…

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Heavy Metal War is one of the episodes that receives most criticize when the Rhino discs are out due to heavily editing. I have yet to watch it, but by Amazon’s review, it should be corrected mostly.

Someone made the comparisons from the TV broadcast version to the Rhino version on youtube. (If you are behind gfw, too bad for you…)


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Disc 3:

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Disc 3 is entirely extras. The disc size is only 1.27GB.


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The first feature, Triple changer is the only video in widescreen mode.


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I thought the interviews and commercials on my ADV’s Robotech Protoculture collection is already bad, but these Transformer toy commercials really proves there’s no under limit on how bad video quality could go…

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This feature was from the Rhino disc I think.


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