Monday, April 18, 2011

Playstation 3 Music DSD Disc Testing

I stumbled upon the this website all you need to know about SONY’s SACD format. I know the fat PS3, at least the launch models was capable of playing SACD. But this is the first time I’ve heard that PS3 is capable of playing yet another audio format called DSD. And all PS3 models are supported.

The DSD format is actually pretty open, it is stored on DVDs (any type, file system has to be UDF 1.02). It is the equivalent of CD to CD-R as of SACD to DSD. The file format is *.dsf, supports ID3v2 tags and unicode naming. DSD uses 1 bit sampling at 2.8224Mhz, which is 64 times the 44.1Khz CD uses. The resulting file size is around 300MB for a 5min song. The *.dsf file supports 2ch ONLY, which is stripped from SACD’s *.dff format which supports 5.1ch. It uses *.ddp playlist. There’s no limit on the number of playlist, however, only 255 songs can be read from players.
Here is a file structure diagram:
Wheatus is offering free samples HERE. But unfortunately the playlist is NOT read by PS3?Or optionally, you can create your own music with KORG’s Audiogate software.
Here is the quick spec written back in 2006, pretty outdated…

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