Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Scenarist BD – Clip, Stream (PlayList), IN/OUT Time Explained

So here I did it again, another masterpiece from me! It’s expanded from a pm from certain forum.


The Clip is the item at the bottom, and PlayList (Stream) at the top. When you add multiple clips into PlayList, it will create multiple PlayItem.

Things in Clip counts toward the disc space; while PlayList is virtual, no matter how many you created, it doesn't add space.

BD Reauthor cannot reset the time to 00:00:00:00. The time is ripped as is. However, if you remove stuff from PlayList and Clip, you can reset individual asset to zero. But you should never do this in reauthoring since there are probably other things like commands are referring to these PlayLists... An easier way is to use the time->video offset on Clip. This is usually needed for subtitles only.

More info on IN/OUT time:


By default, IN/OUT time are not set, unless your clip is set from the original disc. You can set IN/OUT time at both the Clip and PlayList level. If you set at the Clip level (Time->Duration), the clip and the playlist will both reflect the time you set. In Clip, you should see some yellow box saying "TIME", in PlayList, you should see the total playtime shortened. By setting IN/OUT time in Clip, you are essentially "trimming" the video and audio. You lose playback time and waste disc space by doing this. However, it is sometimes useful for seamless branching to ensure the audio and video have the exact same length to avoid the "no clean break" error. (Audio needs to be half second longer than video). But usually only the end couple frames is all you need to trim in this case.


The more common way to set IN/OUT time is at PlayList level, where you can create one playlist playing the whole footage, another playing only part of it without putting two versions of the same movie on disc (Clip).

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