Monday, September 6, 2010

Bubblegum Crisis Blu-ray Box image


This title released last month in Japan. Camera image from someone who posted in a forum. From the look of the image, the box seems to be a sturdy one, and the artwroks are from the laserdisc one's. So far only QTS (an anime release group) has released episode 7 "Double Vision" BDrip(two encodes/size are provided) via bittorrent. I haven't compared the BDrip to my AnimEigo remastered set, but from people who got it (for a hefty ¥ 15,540 after 26% off at amazon japan) are praising the video quality. Hope some US company will carry this over here soon.

OK, looks like another group Thora, has released the complete BDrip today. As most cases, this is a 720p release with 5K bitrate.

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