Monday, September 6, 2010

How to deal with tsMuxeR's AV frame too large error.


This is a new problem I encountered recently. When using tsMuxeR remux a m2ts file from a Blu-ray ISO file to a PS3 compliant m2ts file. (My PC is too weak so I want to stream the new m2ts via TVersity) So there I got this dreadful Error message: AV frame too large (63548 bytes). Increase AV buffer.

And after some trial and error, I had found a solution for this problem.
But before going on how to solve it, I want to say that this is definitely a problem occurred when ripping the Blu-ray image, so if you still have the original disc, you should definitely go ripping it again! If you don't have the original disc, you can try my solution...

The solution involves two pieces of freeware:

1. DGAVCDec - A tool to demux m2ts file to elementary AVC stream and whatever the audio (TrueHD, DTS-HD MA, LPCM).

Note: 1. DGAVCDec is strictly used for AVC streams, there's DGMPGDec for mpeg stream and DGVC1DecNV for VC1 streams (only works for m2ts, no wmv demuxing), and I think eac3to is also able to do the job.

2. the LPCM file it demuxes is not compliant with tsMuxeR, so we need a second software called PCM2tsumu. If you try to get add the raw PCM file into tsMuxeR, it will complain:

2. PCM2Tsmu - A tool to add header info to the raw PCM so that tsMuxeR can accept the file. After patching, tsMuxeR should take the file.

So here are the steps:

1. Demux the m2ts DGAVCDec, the m2ts file is usually the largest file under BDMV\STREAM. You can also delete the audio track that you don't need.

2. If you have PCM file, patch it with PCM2Tsmu. It's a little dos tool, so just Ctrl+R, type in cmd, call up the dos command window. The perimeter is quite simple with 3 options. If you don't add the options, it will default to 16 bit, 5.1 channel I think. So be careful using the options if you want to get the correct PCM file. For details just follow the software's instruction, it's fairly straightforward.

3. Add video *.avc, add audio into tsMuxeR, mux to m2ts. DONE.

So far, I've encountered this problem once. It's definitely something wrong when ripping the Blu-ray image. For my video, the video just pixelated for a sec during the place where tsMuxeR complains. So if you still have the original disc, you should definitely re-rip it!

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