Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The last? DVD-BOX purchase – Gun X Sword AND more…


So I have finally finished collecting all seven volumes of Gun X Sword. This will probably (hopefully?) be my last DVD-BOX purchase unless there will be really cheap good boxes… The main reason to have this one is due to Japanese DTS 5.1 surround track and Houko Kuwashima’s involvement. I’ve also bought the two CDs, so this is the definite collection for me.


Next is the so called ex-driver/sakura wars movie double pack. Well, it isn’t really double pack, the two movies are individually packed and sealed in their retail package. This is a really surprise to me. But it’s good to me, maybe I could sell the Sakura Wars movie since I already have the limited edition


And lastly, Macross II movie version by Manga. I finally managed to find a cheap used copy on Amazon. This is my first time ever to buy a used copy DVD, and it turns out to be fine. The art work is slightly damaged on the UPC due to someone intentionally punched two holes maybe to mark it as used? The disc looks like brand new to me, and insert is kept.

Download the scans:

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