Monday, September 6, 2010

Playstation 3 does NOT support DVD SPRM4 register !!!


OK, this was discovered few hours ago. As I’ve doing some DVD modifying projects lately, my DVDs always have some issues with Playstation 3. While these issues are not critical, but they are certainly annoying. What I’ve found is that Playstation 3 does NOT read SPRM4 register at ALL! This is verified on the US fw 2.70, with my recent project which has the scripts entirely depending on SPRM4 reading. SPRM4 is supposedly to read the title number being played, but Playstation 3 does NOT read it at ALL!!! However, SPRM7, which reads the chapter (PTT) number (another more common register) is being read correctly. The other two, SPRM5, title number in VTS and SPRM6, PGC number, I never use them, so I can’t confirm if they work or not.


Left is the troubled code, right is the modified codes to comply the “PS3 standards”. Now as I look back to my previous projects, all of them got the Mov GPRM4, SPRM4 statement somewhere, so this explains some weird behavior in PS3! 

Here is the scenarist project files, ORGUSS_V1_old.scn is the one with SPRM4 codes, ORGUSS_V1 mod.scn is the new codes without SPRM4, corresponding *.scp files also provided just in case for lower versions. The new codes works perfectly on PS3 now.

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