Thursday, October 14, 2010

Blogger DVD/BD Tutorials Page


So I decided to start this page by posting some of my tutorials, all of these will be regarding Sonic’s Scenarist (DVD) and Scenarist BD packages. Currently there is only one post. But I have posted ALL of my knowledge on the other Chinese forum. I think I’ll try to translate those into English and make them into PDF and post them here.



Blu-ray ISO Mounting and Playback Guide with BD capacity (122509 Update Player Troubleshooting)
Current State of Blu-ray Authoring/Modification
PS3 DLNA software comparison: TVersity vs PS3 Media Server
Playstation 3 does NOT support DVD SPRM4 register !!! (Verified on the US fw 2.70)
How to deal with tsMuxeR's AV frame too large error.


My Special Expertise – Subtitle:

Current state of Blu-ray Subtitle Rendering Software

Subtitle Software Bundle Part I - Four subtitle software I've been using for original creation/modifying ((09052010 update)
Subtitle Software Bundle Part II - Two subtitle software for getting subs from the original DVD or fansub Ver.2 (08242010 update)


DVD Tutorials:

6 Scenarist (SD DVD) mysteries decode


BD Tutorials:


Other Resources:


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